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GlobalLink CCMS

This virtual event will give you a vision of the future of CCMS technologies and services offered by TransPerfect, key insights from existing users of GlobalLink CCMS, and a first look at upcoming releases of solutions from our experts.Recordings Include:
  • CCMS Product Roadmaps
  • Using CCMS to Simplify Content Processes (Prospect Case Study)
  • Successful DITA, Process, and Skill Maturity
  • Zoomin: Unified Personal Experiences with GlobalLink CCMS and Zoomin
  • HPE/Cray: Delivering Best-in-Class Digital Experiences
  • Tying into Other GlobalLink Products
  • Ethicon: Plain language can save you money
  • CCMS Starter Kits
  • CCMS Content Consulting: Moving Beyond CCMS Technology

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