Integrate Akeneo with GlobalLink Connect

GlobalLink and Akeneo is proud to be the first and only Premier-level translations partner in Akeneo’s Technology Partnership Program. Over nine shared clients are already using GlobalLink for Akeneo to automate, control, and complete the translation of global product information from within the Akeneo user interface, including Akeneo’s Serenity edition. This seamless integration offers users reduced costs and time-to-market while still maintaining high-quality transactions.

Adaptor at a Glance

Whitepaper: Global Multilingual Commerce


Akeneo Adaptor Brief


Whitepaper: Forrester Report


Contact us at for more info on how we can help you get into global markets faster and at a lower cost, all while maintaining your brand voice.

Not ready for an integration? No worries. Check out our website translation solution for a hands-off approach to localization used by over 1,000 clients (and counting).

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